It's Your Outlook That Matters: It is our own mental attitude, which makes the world what it is for us. Our thoughts make things beautiful, our thoughts make things ugly. The whole world is in our own minds. Learn to see things in the proper light.   ~Swami Vivekananda — 


Our thoughts are so important. Changing your mindset will open doors for you. What you think and what you declare is what you will get. Make sure to make it what you want. 

Live the life you were meant to live. Change your mindset for success. 


Maggie Owens

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Finding My Passion



The definition of passion: 1. A very strong feeling, such as anger or love. 2. Great love or enthusiasm. (He has a passion for football.)
I obtained the definition out of the "Scholastic Children's Dictionary".

Some people live their whole lives never knowing what they truly love doing. They never find their passion. In truth, they've never really looked for it. Some have no idea there is such a thing even worth pursuing. But for those who have found it, they will attest it's the greatest thing to know and pursue.

I remember having passion. There was my passion for raising my daughter differently than I was raised, giving her the best life I possibly could. I had a passion for photography, scrapbooking, traveling, gardening and crafts.

Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost my passions. Situations started happening in my life a few years back that I have allowed to rob me of my passions. I have to take responsibility for that. I also have to take responsibility to get them back now. The time has come.

About 20 years ago I went thru some trials in my life that showed me I needed to make changes in my life if I wanted to live a joyful life and over a period of several years I made those changes. My life became what I felt was whole. Now it is time for me to learn from the tough times again and change my life for the better.


Setting Goals

Setting goals can't be stated strongly enough. Without goals it's almost as if you are wandering through life with little or no direction. But goals give you a purpose and anaim in life.


~ family and home
~ financial and career
~ spiritual
~ social
~ mental
~ health

 These are the key areas of your life. You can start by simply writing down what you want from each of these areas of your life. When you write your goals down, write them down by saying what you will do instead of what you won't. You want to look at things in the positive instead of the negative. Actually write them down on paper and put it somewhere you can refer back to them. Or write them in a journal or your computer. The important thing is, write them down.

For me this is not easy. Why?..........I don't know, but I do know this about myself, when something seems hard or uncomfortable for me I tend to put it off for as long as I possibly can. I seem to like the easy road lately and that has not been the norm for me before. I've always worked hard for what I wanted to achieve as far as my career went. But I'm realizing now that things I wanted as far as my personal life went, if someone told me I wouldn't be able to achieve it for one reason or another, I believed them and gave up.

Stop doing that! Don't let other's tell you what you can and cannot achieve. You can have anything or do anything that you work at and put your mind to.


Focus is important. It is so easy for me to lose focus. I remember back when I was a little girl, if I didn't like what was happening in my real world it was easy for me to drift off into a dream world. I'm still guilty of that today. I allow myself to lose focus way too often.

Losing focus causes you to not reach your goals, not finish projects and just go from one thing to another not really finishing anything.

I want my focus to be on the positive, the reality and my future. I want to concentrate on the worthwhile things in my life.

If you find yourself drifting, get back on track. Make yourself a list of things you want to accomplish for the day. Start off with a small list so it's not overwhelming. Once you finish one task, then you can go on to the next.

I also like to reward myself when I have kept my focus and gotten the things done that I wanted to do.


Some people live their whole lives never knowing what they truly love doing. But for those who have found it will attest, it's the greatest thing to know and pursue. Finding your passion and pursuing it should be one of your life goals.

Everyone is good at something. Think back over your life and the thingsyou have done and write down the things you excelled at. If you're having a hard time with it, ask others close to you.

What gets you excited? What are your hobbies? What do you forward to? What are your dreams? We all have them. Do you want to be an artist? Do you want to own your own business? I mentioned earlier a few things that I enjoy doing. I think I do these things well, and now I get to choose which one really excites me. I can still do them all and incorporate them into my main passion. I willl read about it, study it, talk to other people that are knowledgeable on it and watch myself improve over time.

The secret to success is to do what makes your happy. Being optimistic is key. Inside every setback in life sits an opportunity. There is so much I missed out on because I chose to believe the negative. I am setting myself a goal of learning something new every day. I'm going to become like a sponge. I am challenging myself to become a better person.
I will seek out knowledge.




What do you want your future to hold?


Make it a great life,

Maggie Owens

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Growing up I always had the belief thatI knew nothing. Even though in garde school I made good grades, I learned how toplay the piano quitewell and other things, I was always told “you're just a kid, what do you know?”.


After being told that for several years I figured “what the hell, I'm not going to know anything anyway, so why even try and learn anything”.


So I gave up. I started doing bad in school, quit reading anything educational and decided that real living was meant for other's and not for me. I accepted things that came my way or happened to me because I felt I wasn't worthy of any more.


Once I got older and had a child of my own (at 34), I started changing some of that mindset and started to realize I do know things and I can learn things and I am smart.


But the reminders always crept up when I needed to reach out to my parents for help from time to time...”see you don't know anything, you don't know what you are doing”.


I thought I had worked through all that past crap and let it go but have been shown lately that I haven't.


I have all kinds of tools availablt to me to move forward in my life and in my business but I haven't been using them for fear that maybe I'm really not teachable. Maybe I'm not smart enough.


Well, that stops right here. I am seeing every day that I am smart, I am teachable and I am enough and worthy. It's time to realease the past and all of the BS that it brought with it.


In my business, we have a lot of encouragment and some awesome mindset trainings. Last night I was blessed to be able to listen in on a live webinar with my mentor Niamh Arthur of The Rebel Marketers and Dave Wood one of the founders of The Empower Network.


The exercise in this webinar really helped me to see where I was still stuck.


I decided that 2014 is going to be my breakthrough year and be successful. It's amazing how once you make a decision and mean it, all the pieces fall into place to make that happen.


Here is access to the webinar and I hope it helps you breakthrough some of your barriers that are keeping you from moving forward just like it did for me.


Make it your best day,

Maggie Owens

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This year instead of making a list of New Years Resolutions, I decided on working on one word all year. I went over a list of words that were presented to me and chose the one that felt right to choose.

When I saw the word that I would end up choosing, believe me when I tell you I tried every which way not to choose it. I really didn't want “that” word to be my word to work on for the whole year.

I knew things had to change in my life in order for me to make progress, so I prayed often and asked for guidance as to what needed to be changed and how could I change it. Never once did it occur to me that I was the one that needed to change.

I could see the things in the others that I live with, my father, mother, and brother, that needed changing and thought that God put us all back together so that I could be an inspiration to them and show them how to change. I'm sure the good Lord was upstairs having a good laugh with that one, but He was patient with me until I figured it out. I'm the one that needs changing.

So it doesn't come to much of a surprise to me that I chose the word “courage” for me to work on this year.

It doesn't just take courage to go out and do things that you've never done or have a fear of doing. That is how I looked at the word “courage” at first. It also takes courage to look within and change the things within you that need changing.

I am a caregiver for my elderly parents and I can always see how their lives would be different if they just thought different or did different. I'll give you an example.

My dad is 83, had a stroke and major thoracic aneurysm surgery in 2010. He came back from the stroke with mild problems with his left leg and left arm but with exercise he could be almost 100%.

In the beginning he worked on the things he needed to work on. The doctors told him he could still have a great quality of life. But because life wasn't the way he wanted it to be, he slowly started giving up. Trying to motivate him just makes him angry and then he doesn't want to do anything.

The other evening I was sitting on my patio and I was angry. I tried to blame the anger on my situation and it just didn't feel comfortable. I finally came to the realization that I was angry with myself because I was no different.

I was on my little pitty pot feeling sorry for myself because this is not the way I expected my life to be at 57. I lost my job 2 years ago and that whole time I felt sorry for myself. I had dreams of traveling around the country and the world, I wanted to take up golf and try out anything else that interested me. I thought my life was over.

Well, it was over as long as I allowed it to be over. As soon as I realized I have a choice, I was able to look at how I can do things differently. And that does take courage my friends. Taking responsibility.

I have declared that 2014 will be my year. My year to live the best life I can possibly live. Not all days are perfect but when I lay my head on my pillow at night and I can honestly say I did my best to make it a great day, I won.

It is my goal to share my experiences with you in hopes that it will help others. Empower Network Viral Blogging System allows me to do that. They take care of all the technical stuff which is good because I'm not real tech savvy. I even earn my income from it. You can too if that is something you are interested in. Click any of the banners to find out more and here is a link that will tell you all about The Prosperity Team that I belong to. It is one of the leading teams with Empower Network.


Make it your best day ever,


Maggie Owens


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You Can Still Make 2014 the Best Ever


The new year is only 11 days old and there is still plenty of time to make it your best year ever. It takes doing on your part and I know you can do it.

Even though this year didn't miraculously change on the stroke of midnight on that first day, my attitude did and that's all it takes. Changing your attitude. Things can still be hard but you don't need to let it break you down.

Here are just a couple of ways I am making this year different.

This first one is really very simple. I got the idea off of a post that was posted on Facebook.

I got myself an empty jar I had sitting around the house and typed up this little instruction sheet on my computer and taped it to the front of the jar and put a nice ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Here is what is says on the paper on the jar:

Starting Jan 1st write good things that happen
to you on little pieces of paper:
~ surprise gifts
~ accomplished goals
~ the beauty of nature
~ "LOL" moments
~memories worth saving
~daily blessings
Then on Dec 31st open the jar and read all the 
amazing things that happened to you in 2014!


I have forgotten to do it a couple of days and once I realized my attitude needed changing, I quickly went and got my little piece of paper and wrote down something good that happened that day. It's an immediate attitude changer. Trust me.


The second thing I started doing this year and will continue to do every week throughout the rest of the year is take part in the The 52 Week Money Challenge.

This next picture will show a copy of the plan I am following.

Every week cross off the week that you just completed.

If you decide to take part in these two challenges I have placed before you it doesn't mean stuff still won't happen. It just means that you are willing to take control of your life and make things different.


Make a change and make a difference,


God Bless,


Maggie Owens


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